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Visual inspection, palpation. The appearance of education, its structure, color and shape are determined. Laboratory diagnostics includes scraping microscopy and histological examination. Microscopic examination of the scales excludes the fungal etiology of the formation. Histological examination involves determining the histological type of tretinoin pills, staging dysplasia (malignancy). This analysis is the most important in the diagnosis of any tumor. It determines whether the formation is malignant or not.

To do this, a piece of tumor tissue is sent, taken by biopsy. On the basisvaniya result the doctor exposes the type of retin. ultrasound. Determines the localization, size, structure and depth of education. CT, MRI. Radiography. Angiography. With a small size of the hemangioma and the absence of harm to human health, expectant tactics can retin used. The patient is registered and education is constantly monitored. In this case, the independent disappearance of the tumor is possible, and there may be an increase in size.

In this case, invasive or non-invasive removal of the tumor is used. Treatment of hemangioma with folk remedies cannot be used independently; before using them, you should consult with a specialist. Their use can reduce the tumor in the initial stages, but it will not be possible to completely remove it with folk remedies. Also, traditional medicine can be used after removal of the hemangioma to regenerate the skin.